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ExpertPortfolio has published a promised market trends research that was announced here . The research is called “Investment Trends Forecast...

ExpertPortfolio has published a promised market trends research that was announced here. The research is called “Investment Trends Forecast 2012”. The team of the program analyzed which business fields will be profitable in 2012 and presents this information to you. As always, any Internet user can see a short version of the research and all registered users and subscribers can download the PDF with the Uncut version by following the link, provided in the latest newsletter and which is also available in the “Member All News” section in the member area. The admin says:

“Download the PDF and learn the exclusive information about the Investment Trends Forecast 2012. The approach towards making the research is the unique one. With the help of the official search tool provided by Google, the specialists of the Research and Consulting Department of are providing you with the unique information on the latest market trends.”

ExpertPortfolio has been operating for days and pays weekly without any problems. It offers three investment portfolios that bring 1.5%-2% daily for 12 weeks and return your principal on expiry. The Wallet Portfolio requires you to purchase 10 units minimum ($1 per unit) and unit rate of return is $0.075 per week. The unit rate of return in Case Portfolio is $9 per week and you have to purchase 50 units minimum to invest ($100 per unit). The Baggage Portfolio offers $20 per week unit return rate with 100 units minimum ($200 per unit). Profit-fixation takes place every week on Friday at 6 p.m. EDT. After the profit is fixed you can withdraw it anytime you want. ExpertPortfolio works with LR and PM.

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