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Perfect Finance has sent the second newsletter to its members. The first one was rather informative and this time we have the same thing here. The...

Perfect Finance has sent the second newsletter to its members. The first one was rather informative and this time we have the same thing here. The newsletter consists lots of information that may possibly become useful for the investors of this project. The main aspects outlined in the newsletter are the milestone achieved and some important system upgrades made by the management of Perfect Finance.

Let's start from the very beginning. The Perfect Finance project has launched the official news and announcement website, which can be accessed following the address: The new website will be used for informative purposes as well as for sending e-mails. Making the new domain active gives another advantage to the owners of Perfect Finance. Once any trouble occurs with the main site, investors will have a chance to learn about the latest news on a separate domain, which is definitely an advantage.

The milestone i've mentioned before is reaching the 5000 registered members mark. As reported around 3000 of them are active investors. The admin claims to hold the amount mark of $400,000 US (Four Hundred Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) with investors fully satisfied with the smooth investment and withdrawal process.

Another improvement has been integrated, which is the Indonesian and English phone support facility has been added that is available for investors' service at 24/7.

And finally there are two reminders within the newsletter. The first one reminds that minimum amount for withdrawal in SolidTrustPay is $0.50 and $1.00 in EgoPay. Once any request less is detected, it is moved back automatically to the account balance. The second reminder is concerning the built-in investment calculator, which can be used to calculate earnings with Perfect Finance. The calculator can be located at the header of every page - "Deposit Calculator". Please see the instructions on how to use it below quoted:

"Once you have opened it, you may click the specific date in the month as well as locate and select the last date (expiration) of your investment. You may now enter the amount you wish to deposit and enter the compounding rate (optional). Please note: if you're calculating the total return (by selecting the last date in the calendar), the amount calculator provides is including the principal already. Principal is paid back to you after the end of term - 60 calendar days."

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