Updated: 11/19/2012 15:10
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Benson Union , the investment program taking the 1st place in our listing for quite a long time seems to be ready to make another step in improving...

Benson Union, the investment program taking the 1st place in our listing for quite a long time seems to be ready to make another step in improving the customer support service provided. The CEO of Benson Union has announced that shortly new local support phone numbers are going to be implemented shortly.

As it's been announced and reported in the latest newsletter accordingly, the local phone numbers for at least seven countries are going to be added by this Tuesday. Once adding of the local phone numbers is done, lots of international clients from all over the world will have an opportunity to talk to the support employees without spending money on international calls.

So getting closer to the details, let's name the countries, local numbers for which are going to be implemented on Tuesday: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, United States, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The complete newsletter text that proves the news is given below:

"New local phone numbers coming!
Dear investors! BensonUnion is about to complete one more amazing update for our active and potential investors. We have a lot of international clients from almost all countries of the world thats why we decided to care about their comfort by enabling local support phone numbers. This upgrade will be completely integrated in our callcenter by Tuesday. There will be Spanish, Italian, German, French, United states, Netherlands, United Kingdom phone numbers. It will let you use our phone support service without extra-charges for international calls. Stay tuned!"

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