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airspaceinv fifth newsletter
See the latest stats and performance review of Airspace-Inv, learn about the benefits of VIP package and requirements needed to become VIP investor
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See the latest stats and performance review of Airspace-Inv, learn about the benefits of VIP package and requirements needed to become VIP investor

Here comes the fifth newsletter from Airspace-Inv, the hyip listed at HYIPNews for 38 days and taking 11th place in the list. In the newsletter the admin of the project informs about the total number of 4391 Active Investors and counting, the Facebook group page hit 6,215 members and growing. Early investors, who joined the project from its first day online are now in profit and certainly can make their testimonials about the program's performance. Within just 2 days the milestone of 40 days will be reached, which means the investors to the Moon Plan, the duration of which is 40 day will ultimately take their profits and start earning pure profit.

The admin of Airspace-Inv gives brief explanation about the VIP Investor package and how to join the List of VIP Investors. There have been lots of enquirers about this and hence the explanation is given. So here is the package the way it is:
1. Daily stable earnings::: You get a stable ROI earnings from the project everyday.
2. Grantee of safety of funds::: You do not loose money if you become VIP Investor. There is 100% guarantee that comes with it. Your principal amount is returned + huge profit before the expiry of your plan.

3. Weekly bonuses: There is a bonus for every VIP Investor to withdraw every week.
4. Higher ROI: VIP investors tend to have more stable and higher ROI and can withdraw everyday.
5. VIP Customer support. VIP Investors are treated in a very special way when it comes to the support section: their withdrawals come first, their support questions come first.

6. They are allowed to meet with the CEO person one on one to discuss further on how the business will expand or to bring more attributes. etc...
7. VIP Investors can withdraw money without any limit, they can withdraw as many times as they want to every single days.
8. VIP Investors are the first to know about any new updates, new additions or new implementations to be made in the future or in the website, they are first alerted to know what they think if its good or bad for the company. etc...

To join list of Airspace-Inv VIP Investors you need a deposit of minimum $5000, the higher deposit you make, the more privileges and higher return of ROI you get from the project. Some of your Data such as Your Name, E-mail address, Phone Number, Country, and Age are required as well for more future conversations between you and the company and for any immediate update you will be the first to know.

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