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paradisefunds important update
Learn about the development of ParadiseFunds, the changes applied by the admin for the withdrawal terms including the required tasks to take to get funds
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Learn about the development of ParadiseFunds, the changes applied by the admin for the withdrawal terms including the required tasks to take to get funds

The admin of ParadiseFunds hyip has issued the important update devoted to the performance of program, its development and features. First of all, there is a notice on creating the blog for investors to let them be updated on the news more often. Also the mobile app is in beta testing now and will be available for setup soon.

As it's been informed earlier the project is investing in media buying and doing well enough to keep it growing and make it more stable for the customers, whose satisfaction is the priority for the admin. By adding new features, launching mobile app the team of ParadiseFunds wants to involve all investors including the potential ones in media buying platform to let everyone make solid money.

With a view to things mentioned above from now on it is compulsory for all investors to complete some daily tasks before they will be eligible for withdrawals on weekly basis. As you can see the withdrawal terms have changed as well and from now on they are processed on weekly basis ones a week on the fact that an investor complete these tasks daily.

Speaking about the tasks here they are. First of all every customer should have a Coinbase account registered, if there isn't one, it should be created for free. Further on once Coinbase account is created it should be funded with minimum $13. You can fund your Coinbase just like the way you fund Perfectmoney account. After your funding is complete, login to your Coinbase account and follow these steps (let me quote the steps directly from the newsletter not to miss anything):

1. Go to
2. Click on the fiverr banner on top of the page
3. Create account on fiverr. Even if you have account already, you need to create a new account with new information.
4. After you create account, search for ( Google ranking) in the fiverr search bar at the top.
5. Order for any of the any of the gigs (services) that appear at the top of the page after searching. After you place the order, give the following links to the seller and/or
6. After everything, send us the details of your fiverr account. We will confirm and send you your money spent and 33.5% profit on it. This profit will be paid to your perfectmoney within 3 working days.
7. Repeat the process on a different computer.

As mentioned above, these steps are required for all investors at this time. At this time withdrawals will be processed only after you do this 5 times on unique devices before you get $500 withdrawals. From today, before you are eligible for withdrawals every Friday, you need to complete this task at least once a day on unique devices. After a week, you can repeat the process on the same device. The admin claims by doing this you will also make additional profit so there is no hint.

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