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latest hyip news digest october 17 2016
HyipNews is pleased to share the latest news from Probitco, Coinn Cryptocurrency Mining Limited, Gas Energy, Gainsbooster, CryptoForever and Dubai Mines
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HyipNews is pleased to share the latest news from Probitco, Coinn Cryptocurrency Mining Limited, Gas Energy, Gainsbooster, CryptoForever and Dubai Mines

Here come the latest news from hyips online in the news digest below. Probitco is nearly one month online and now the admin shares some latest news. First of all we are glad to let you know of the deposit bonus 50% offered to the customers investing $250.00 - $5,000.00 to either of plans (B, C or D). The admin also reminds of higher referral commission offered: 5% referral commission (deposits from $25 to $249), 10% referral commission (deposits from $250 to $999) and 15% referral commission (deposits from $1000 to $100.000).

Coinn Cryptocurrency Mining Limited launches representative program with higher earning potential for partners, able to get 10% affiliate bonus instead of 5% for normal partners. For you to become a Representative of Coinn, you need to have the ability to promote and support the project in your region through various means, like online/offline presentations, meetings with clients, a personal blog, etc. To apply for the position of local representative send your personal details; full name, phone number, username, country, city, email and messenger ID to You will get a response within 24 business hours.

The admin of Gas Energy tells there have been lots of requests from investors to add Neteller as the alternative payment processor and so it's been added. It can be used for making deposits and withdrawals. Apart from that recently the VIP plan has been added, where more profit can be earned in just one day.

The admin of Gainsbooster reports some API glitches that caused btc withdrawals of some clients to go to pending. Some other sites have been having the same difficulty these last few days. It is a rare occurrence; however if the problem persists, you can simply wait for your withdrawal to be processed manually, or cancel your request and try again later. API glitches are out of control of the projects, normally it works itself out. Those who have canceled their requests got their payments instantly on the next try. All is normal with perfectmoney, payeer, and advcash.

CryptoForever admin is pleased to inform the project has been online for over 70 days. He thanks every member for the loyalty shown and claims to be constantly improving the service. Latest withdrawal proofs are available as always on top of the site. In the nearest future, as it's been reported, better investment plans are planned to be released for the customers attention.

Dubai Mines updates on the affiliate program and commission rates earned for active partnership activity. 18% is the commission program for all members who spread out or advertise the website all around the world. If you are wondering on how to calculate your commission here is a simple formula: your down-line money deposited amount * 18% / 100% = commission amount to receive.

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