Updated: 01/21/2019 17:46
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Take a look at the overview of the latest Weenzee events that took place in Asia, latest milestone and unique features claimed to be offered to clients
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Take a look at the overview of the latest Weenzee events that took place in Asia, latest milestone and unique features claimed to be offered to clients

Massive updates come from Weenzee hyip investment lately. The project is growing and developing rapidly, going possibly beyond the traditional hyip standards. Nearly once a week or even more frequently the project admin updates the customers about events that occur, achievements made and other milestones, considered to be important for current and potential customers.

So as it's been informed, leaders of Weenzee hyip investment opportunity attended three large-scale events in China, where the top developers, investors, traders and businessmen from all over the world try to get together every year. The event is called "Yunqi Three Largest World Summits" and combines "Alibaba Yunqi Conference", "The 2050 Summit" and "Global Blockchain Leaders Summit". Weenzee was awarded with the winner's cup in the nomination "The Most Valuable Investment Project of The Year". The prize sums up the efforts made by the entire Weenzee team in building a a strong, promising project in the field of crypto-trading and robotic trading.

Earlier the project updated about the events, which took place in carious Asian countries. So on January 18 and 19, the leaders of Weenzee hyip investment project held an offline meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, discussing technologies used in the Weenzee business platform: trading bots that work thanks to the unique artificial intelligence and a complex system of neural networks. Lots of attention has been paid to live communication, which is a priority for the support team of Weenzee project. The similar event took place in Indonesia, at the same time on January 19.

The Chinese representatives of Weenzee organized an event specifically for Chinese people on a special platform WeChat on January 19, at 8pm local time. Leaders of Weenzee have been talking about their experience of working with the company, the advantages it provides and the features of the crypto-business.

The owners of the hyip are certain Weenzee is more than just a project. Since the very launch lots of achievements have been made:

• Connected more than 15 countries,
• Over 100,000 of active project participants joined,
• A team of professionals in the field of trading, AI has been setup,
• Official exchangers opened in China, Philippines and Indonesia,
• Over 100 events held worldwide.

Weenzee is offering some features to the customers, which are thought to be unique in the sphere. Let us name them and you decide, whether this statement makes sense or not:

• Multicurrency crypto wallet with the ability to transfer without fees within the system!
• Own internal blockchain
• Additional bonus for investments in WNZ
• 8 steps of career growth and affiliate network
• Additional % upon reaching new level
• The possibility of early closing of the portfolio with the withdrawal of profit!

No matter how serious and true these features are, no matter how good are the achievements made, the Weenzee hyip investment opportunity is worth taking a look at. The team seems to be really working hard to create the atmosphere and the image of a serious and growing company. Lots of efforts are required for that and hardly they already managed to become profitable. For the potential investors it may be a good sign, cause they remain working and paying for some decent period of time to come.

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