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Updated: 03/23/2018 11:59
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btcrush interview
Read the interview with the admin of BTCRush project, learn about the general aspects main principles of the program
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We are pleased to publish the interview with the admin of BTCRush. The program has been listed at HYIPNews for 8 days. Offering 4.1% daily for up to 3 business days, it seems to be an interesting investment source. We are sure our readers would be interested to know about the general aspects and peculiarities of the project.

1) First of all, introduce yourself. We'd like to know who we are talking with. What is your post in the company, what's your name?

Hello, my name is Bruce, I'm CEO at BtcRush mining company.

2) Please, tell us about the concept of your HYIP in general, about the spectrum of services you are offering?

BtcRush is the first project of cloud-based mining, which has achieved a fantastic goal: we make payments every 10, 5 and 1 minute depending on the client's investment size. We could achieve such a fantastic result just because we are engaged not just in Bitcoin mining, but we also mine the most promising altcoins which price grows up to 500-800% within several months.

Here you can see our most effective mining farms:

3) We are always interested to know who makes the team of the program? This is the most important element of its success. Who makes up your program?

Initially we were just 3 in our team with my friends Lee and Robin, but later our team has been expanded to 138 people. The largest part is the mining farms staff, the trading department is smaller but not less significant in our business. We also have IT, marketing and technical support departments.

4) Could you tell a little bit about your (and all other members of the staff) background? Please, tell us the story of your work. When did you start, have you always been like this, in this format?

If you don't mind I will provide your with these short videos of me and my friends where we're introducing ourselves and telling a few words about us and our project story.

5) Is your company a registered one or it's the virtual enterprise, working online only?

BtcRush is an officially registered company. You can find our registration information in the Companies Registry - At the moment we don't have an office to invite our clients but we plan to open several till the end of the year in Dubai, Singapore and Russia. The marketing department reports that our investment program is the most popular in these 3 countries.

6) Do you have any documents or official guarantees, which is the guarantee of honesty for all the transactions realized through your service?

It's pretty hard to talk about any documents when it comes to cryptocurrency where anonymity is the a priority feature. The absence of proper regulation makes it even more vague.

But when it comes to large amounts of investments (from 50 BTC) we offer to sign a contract in case an investor imposes such a condition.

7) Please, share your thoughts concerning any possible problems that may happen while working with your service from the point of view of your experience? Where should investors be more attentive?

Well, these are not problems but clients may think them to be so:

1. Delays in Bitcoin transactions. Unfortunately we have no influence on Blockchain network, and in case the delay happens we should wait the transaction in the same way the client does. But I'd like to emphasize that our program supports the SegWit protocol, so if the investor's wallet supports it too, the transactions may become much more faster;

2. Delays with large amount deposits withdrawals: sometimes the withdrawal processing can take up to 3 business days because we may need to withdraw these funds from the exchanges where we trade them, and we need to perform an additional security check;

8) The sphere of high-yield profit can be divided into two parts, called "real-unreal", "a scam-not a scam" by average users. Aren't you afraid that you program will be regarded by investors from this angle of vision?

I resigned myself with the fact that a project needs to earn the trust of investors. There are no more ways to prove that you are serious in this business. And our team is ready for this crash test.

9) How do you solve problems occurred? Where should investors appeal to have an opportunity to solve their problem? What support options do you offer?

We offer a traditional ticket-based support available on the user's dashboard, and an email-based support for these clients who cannot access their account for some reason. We pay great attention to our investors support and try to answer as soon as possible although the response time announced is 24 hours.

10) Some investors criticized a referral program, which is supposedly used for creating pyramids. We do not share this opinion and we see that you have a referral program. Why did you decide to provide your members with the referral program as it is?

This is the best question, I'd say. A referral program is one of the most efficient marketing instruments nowadays. The principle is simple: today we have so much advertising that we're unable to distinguish which one from the offered opportunities we're really interested in. It comes to everything: from clothing and household subjects to all sorts of services. We are constantly imposed to consume what we don't really need, and it forces us not to pay attention to advertisement at all. To my mind such a principle of advertising becomes less and less efficient.

But affiliate program has another principle: it helps to motivate the satisfied clients to tell their friends about a really good product. And just due to this fact our referral program is so advantageous: we pay 15% monthly by 0,5% every day.

11) Please, tell your viewing of the HYIP. What is the opinion of the management of the company about this investment sphere, what do YOU think of it?

Well, this is a huge problem I'd say. The absence of proper regulation in this sphere allows a lot a fraud to appear. Thus the legal cryptocurrency companies like BtcRush suffer from very low level of trust among clients, but not all of them can afford BitLicense at start. We have already came across this problem too. Not so long ago I have watched an interview of Christine Lagarde who talked about the necessity of cryptocurrency market regulation. I'm looking forward to seeing these changes.

12) What is your opinion about virtual currencies' development? What new services may become available for you? Which is the most secure, profitable and easy to use? What exchange service is the most popular with you?

I'm completely sure that digital currencies are the future of money and I'm very excited by the idea of national cryptocurrencies, and think that soon we'll see more experiments with states' digital assets. Now it's already happening in Venezuela and I'm monitoring it's development with great interest.

Concerning the new services, in the nearest future I'd rather predict more active usage of Blockchain technology rather than cryptocurrencies as they are today. Among these new services we'll see massive usage of smart contracts for transport, shipment, legal matters, security etc.

What comes to the question like what cryptocurrency is the most secure, if start telling it, you'll need to read a lot. I will just advise the beginners to search information on how to differ a "real cryptocurrency" from a fake one, because there are too many hyips saying they mine their own coin, and it may be even traded in some exchanges, but this is just fake. We need to be careful today.

Our team if traders uses several exchange services, because we need to minimize our risks. These are Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Huobi.

13) What do you think sets your program apart from all the other "opportunities" out there? How do you think, why your program is worth joining it? Please give a few reasons.

Well, there are 4 reasons:

1. We're progressive: cryptocurrencies are the future of money and economics, and we offer to join us today and be among the first who learn how to deal with digital assets;

2. We're client-oriented: Bitcoin's price drawdown forced many investors to get rid of their savings, we offer 4.1% today particularly because we want our investors to refund their loses as fast as possible;

3. We're dynamic: In addition to paying each 10, 5 and 1 minute and unlimited withdrawals, due to SegWit protocol support for Bitcoin and Litecoin, our investors get their payouts even more faster;

4. We're professional: we give our investors an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio. We're completely sure that this is the main principle for each wise investor, and we take care of our clients providing them with such an opportunity.

14) Please, tell what plans do you have for the nearest future? What new services will be available, what should investors expect from your work?

Concerning the technical updates, first of all we plan to finish the beta-test of Ethereum investments and add an opportunity to re-invest profit. Next we plan to add one more cryptocurrency for investment and we're about to launch a survey among our investors concerning their preferences.

All these updates will be realized in the nearest future. In the distant future our investors will get a full-fledge cryptocurrency trading platform with 0% fees (you can notice the "coming soon" button on the dashboard), and the regional representative program.

When comes to general development, we plan several offices worldwide as I have mentioned above. The first one will be opened in Singapore in September. But earlier we plan several cryptocurrency meetups and workshops, where we'll tell our investors about the main principles of cryptocurrency-based business in 2018.

15) At the end of our interview, you can always add something from you.

Dear investors! We're waiting for your on our investment platform and wish you gaining good profits!

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