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It's hard to imagine the person, who knows nothing about this project. Not every interview can be started with such words. Not more than 5. And on the...

It's hard to imagine the person, who knows nothing about this project. Not every interview can be started with such words. Not more than 5. And on the first place will be interview with the program, which you are reading now. This is the interview with NanoMoney Corp. (nanomoneycorp.com).

This company has appeared in the network three years ago and still working. Working and paying. It's hard to imagine that they have gone through e-Gold problems, eBullion and of course still going through today's recession. Long time ago HYIPNews.com have contacted the administration of the company and got the agreement on the interview. But, because of circumstances, we have done it only now. Why is it so, how is living one of the most oldest programs and what is waiting for it's investors in future, you read below!

HyipNews.com (HN): Greetings. Of course as we have already told, almost everybody knows your company, anyway introduce it shortly. What it's official name and prime aim. Introduce yourself and please tell about your role in the company.
NanoMoney Corp (NanoMoney): Hi everyone! My name is Dave Tao. I'm Administrator of the site www.NanoMoneyCorp.com. My responsibility is to make comfortable browsing and using of our site for every visitor. So I have to make everything to work fine and smooth. I'm also responsible for the site's evelopment, adding new features and improving overall security.

HN: So, when your company has started it's work, when and why the site has appeared on-line? Is there any exact date, which your investors would celebrate as a holiday?
NanoMoney: The company itself stared to work in the investment area in 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan. It was a collaboration of several marketing specialist and traders. Some of them had a unique connection with governmental programs on investments and that gave them a real push to create NanoMoney Corporation. I know it might look a bit suspicious and all this insider's info is not too legal. But that gave us a wonderful opportunity to get extra profits. Frankly speaking that was the main reason for us to go online and dive into HYIP. So we are here and working since 1 March 2006. And any investor can consider this date as a sort of birthday. The primary investment target was and still is nanotechnology. We get profits investing in stocks and securities of hightech and preferably nanotech companies.

HN: How can you formulate the main pledge of success, which have allowed you to get so great results. Because it's not a secret that on-line investments - risky field and not everyone can do what have done NanoMoney.
NanoMoney: Investment business is a risky business and it is true. And the secret of our long time existence is a hard work and a deep knowledge of the business we are in. As well we have a great support from the offline investors from Asia. We are constantly improving our services and business opportunities for investors. The secret is not in a lucky name with a strange investments into something obscured like nanotechnology. We really invest in real companies dealing with nanotechnology. And that was the reason for us to take that name. There were many sites that copied our content and ideas but none of them had a chance to last for a long time online. Our investment consultants carefully study every aspect of deal we are going to perform to get a profit. And thanks to the information we operate we get a profit that is enough to make thousands of our investor happy for almost four years online.

HN: As far as we know, recently you have updated the design of your site. Why? The changes were only about the design or any other sides of it's work? Were there any changes in the work of team/company.
NanoMoney: The reason for applying new design is simple. We are not standing on one place and trying to tell everyone that we are developing and growing. The change of the design was a part of our strategy. We appeared online on 1 March 2006. And most of those who are familiar with our company knows a different look of our site. But the introducing of a new look was not an invention but a part of site's development plan. Together with new design we improved several security features, made updates on a client zone and introduced several useful features. For example every visitor of our site has a choice of secured or non secured browsing over www.nanomoneycorp.com with one click now. There are two links on top of every page 'ssl' and 'http' for that feature.

As well we are in the process of adding other then English languages to our site. And we are happy that new design appealed to our users as we've got a lot of positive feedbacks. There were no any dramatic changes in our team though. We added several people to support department and that's it.

HN: As far as we know you have had serious problems with feedback. It was working very stable and qualified, but very slow. What have changed in this view? Your Live/Telephone Support service are available? Maybe something else was added?
NanoMoney: We have a live chat that is working normal business hours 9 AM - 6 PM GMT. Most of the questions you have can be answered there as well we can solve a lot of technical issues the on the fly. Support is available from Monday to Friday. Mail support is working as well so you can use it if it's more convenient for you. We are answering all the e-mails we get if it is not a spam of course. Still we have certain problems with several mail providers. They are blocking our mails. We are trying to solve these issue as we know about it but sometimes it is impossible. Because we are using DDOS protection IP address of our site is different to IP of our mail server and some mail providers consider it as spam and just block it. Right now we are looking for the reliable and trusted mail server to avoid such problems. As well we have a phone number and mail address fro regular ground mail services (all this info can be found on our Contact page). I guess these options can cover every person's need and desire to contact us. We are always open for a dialog and ready to help you 24/7.

HN: It's evidently, that your company is connected with real business. There is information about it on the site, can you tell in a few words and tell about markets where NanoMoney is earning money, how good it's name shows the sense of this work.
NanoMoney: As I have told before we are investing in stocks and securities of hightech and nanothech companies. Our origin and home place is Asian market and most of our offline activity is performed there. Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan are full of young and promising nanotech startups that worth investing. They do show great market growth and are well suited for high profits. It is a quite usual thing for NanoMoneyCorp to help brilliant startups to convert their shares into stocks. And that often help us to be the the key player on the nanotech investment markets. As well we have some relations with certain people in Taiwanese government and those who are close to governmental investments into nanotechnology. To my regret I can't tell you any ways to verify that information. If I could give you any details about that we would loose all the preferences we have now.

And that would probably be the end of our work. Let's say it is a part of the information that is mostly like to be kept extremely secret.

HN: In the form of this connection it's evidently that recession which has touched world economy could not to cause on the efficiency of your company. But till this moment Nano Money was paying without delays. Your reserve fund has helped you, rumors has it that it's more than $1 000 000 or you have any other tricks? Tell about it, if it's possible.
NanoMoney: Well we make no secret out of our reserved fund that was established before we went online. It is correct that overall sum of it was $1 000 000 when it was established. Still as we managed not to use it even once it just grows and I'm not sure of the exact figure of it right now. We established that fund to guarantee the return of any initial investment up to 75% in any case. But all of you knows (I do hope that most of you at least) that we never miss any initial investment payment as well as any withdrawal or referral payment since the time we started to work online.

HN: During your development you have never been so active in the promoting on the spaces of the Internet. Now with this interview, updated site, you have decided to show more activity in this direction or a such method has fundamental arrangement which will be invariable?
NanoMoney: It is correct we don't do much of advertisement job. In fact we don't have much need in the mass advertisement campaigns that are held by lots of hyips. We are well known for long time and I don't think there are any person who is interested in making money online and know nothing about NanoMoney Corporation. According to recent research done by comSource the popularity of graphic banners are going down rapidly. And the click loss for the last year has fallen to 32% compared to the previous year. We do keep an online advertisement campaign on a certain level but concentrate now mostly on offline advertisement. I think that you will see our advertisement presence on various sources but it would be to keep an image only.

HN: What changes are waiting for your company in the near future? The updating of the site has finished or not? Rumors has it that there will be added new payment options. Is it true?
NanoMoney: I'm pretty sure that our site would be updated a bit more. But these updates would not be fundamental and would add minor complements in design and features. As for the adding of the new payment processors. I can tell that we do not envision to add new payment processors in the nearest future. I can't be 100% sure as we all remember e-gold and e-bullion. We managed to survive when these to monsters gone. And we had to add new processors. I do sincerely hope that this would never happen to LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney we are working with right now. We have a lot of investors that don't like to use e-currency payment processors. So they have an option to invest by direct bank wire transfers. For now we cover almost every wish of a person who want to make money online with different payment options. We are working with known and trusted payment processors and are happy with them for now. But I'm not a fortune teller and can't predict the stability of LR or PM. More likely that we would stop accepting any e-currensies at all than add new if there would be any problems in the future with them.

HN: We hope that it's not the last conversation. We are sure that NanoMoney Corp will proceed it's on-line presence, but it's important that it's publicity won't end on this interview. Anyway, we will be glad if you tell our readers a few words from your name.
NanoMoney: I do hope that it is not the last conversation as well. Our business is going to well to quit it. I'm absolutely sure that our online presence would be legendary as it can't be compared to any known even now.

I think that I have told a lot about our company so I would like to turn to every person who is willing to make some money over the Internet investing in hyps. Please never invest without at least preliminary investigation about the company. There are a lot features over the Internet to get a lot of info (the real info!) about those who promise you 500% in one day. Do not neglect such sites like archive.org, alexa.com and whois.domaintools.com. Do not think that domain name has anything in common with site's real existence. Please note that normal server should be hosted on a dedicated server only. Do some forum's search. At least a half of the written information there would be true.

I know no any businesses that can grantee you compound profit. It is probably possible by trading illegal drugs or weapons but fortunately I know nothing about it. And still make the decision by yourself. I wish good profits and wise decisions to every investor! Thank you for the interview and wish all the best to the readers of this great site!

HN: Thank you for your answers, good luck....see you later.

P.S. Dear, readers if you would like to ask your questions to the direction of NanoMoney Corp company, send them to this address pub@hyipnews.com with a mark "Questions to The NanoMoney Corp." Also you can leave it in the comments to this news.

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