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latest hyip news digest may 23 2018
Find out more about new payment ways added at AK47 Capital investment packages update, video review announced at Crypto Source Ltd, Tokenizer major
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Find out more about new payment ways added at AK47 Capital investment packages update, video review announced at Crypto Source Ltd, Tokenizer major updates

See the latest news from the hyips below. There are not many updates and we'll start with a short update from AK47 Capital, listed at HyipNews for 78 days. The admin announced adding NixMoney and Bitcoin Gold as a new payment methods for making deposits and taking withdrawals.

Crypto Source also listed at HyipNews for 138 days, updated the customers with the new investment packages, which allow investors receive more profits from crypto currency mining process. As it's been reported the new farm was opened with higher power efficiency, which will mine Bitcoin and Ethereum much faster then before with the help of the new hardware, developed exclusively for the project.

New investment packages are next:
C-S 1 : 125,00% After 1 Day ; C-S 2 : 230,00% After 5 Days ; C-S 3 : 500,00% After 15 Days
C-S 4 : 2600,00% After 90 Days ; C-S 5 : 5200,00% After 180 Days ; C-S 6 : 11000,00% After 360 Days

The old mining packages will be also active. You need log in to your Crypto Source account to see new investment packages details. As it's been declared, profit percent depends on invested amount, than higher invested amount is, by that larger profit percent you will receive.

Within next month, there are plans to add the company video review to the website. Video review will be made from the main office in London. Investors will be able to see the team and learn more about Crypto Source Ltd. mining company.

Also there are plans to add phone support, withe help of which one can get immediate assistance on any kind of question one may be interested in.

Tokenizer adds new payment options, Live Chat and new languages. Bitcoin Cash is now active on members' accounts. It can be used for making deposits/withdrawals the same way as old payment gateways. 2 more language translations have been integrated to the website: Japanese and Spanish. There are works to be completed to add Korean as well by the end of the week. You can switch between different languages by clicking on the appropriate language symbol at the bottom of the home page.   

The "ROI Graph" showing how daily profit changes over time since the project launch has been added to the website either. The Live Chat is currently working in test mode. New agents are being added, still even now you are free to test it and talk to the support live.

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