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Updated: 01/18/2006 03:10
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Is it possible to earn $1000 per month doing nothing at all, just laying on a sofa. Passive income source and their potential. Learn more in this article.
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Well, this all investors have this desire early or later, or it may push them when they come to the market. A fond desire, of anyone is to provide a stable and high profit without active participating in business, just relaxing and laying on a sofa. But the main question is - how?

Stop here. If you expect to find here a detailed receipt of getting such sum of money here – do not read further, as such receipt doesn't exist. Of course it exists – make your hands or head precious as the sum you want to get monthly. But his is a general receipt, which will be opposed by laziness, and we gathered here for other purpose, than dull and wordy profanations on educational topic.:) Many expect a detailed receipt, which would tell what to do to receive such sum. There will be no such receipt, despite attractive title, but there will be something more precious and relevant.

Coming to investments, each person should know that he comes to invest. If it goes about working on-line, it should be regarded separately, and in this case we will tell how to receive the money. Moreover, we assured that it is possible to earn such money by reading our articles, as experienced investor may get it, but let us not hurry.

Thus, you come to invest. What do you receive from it? Outcome, profit and interests. It is true. Interests from the money invested. You invested something, and received something back. Many investors after wasting some money come to the forums and ask - how it is possible to earn 1000 000? It is a good question, but noone could answer it.

Here is our golden advice. :) But stop. What am I talking about? We can tell you how to earn such money. You need to do the following. You count the interests from the profit what you could receive from your investments monthly (or weekly and multiply by 4, and daily and multiply by 30). After that 1000 should be divided by the result, and then multiplied by 100. this will be the sum that you need to get 1000 monthly. Don't you believe? Check!

If you want to decrease the sum needed to receive 1000, you may just increase the interests (do not forget about increasing risk). If you want 3000 instead of 1000, multiply the result by 3 accordingly, or just divide 3000 by the amount of interests. This is a handy formula, not protected by copyright, suitable for usage in on-line calculators and account schemes.

The last thing is finding a stable, persistent and - the main issue – and safe outcome, e.g. investment sphere. Your interests do not mean anything without such sphere. What is to be done, you may ask. Is the HYIP a sphere where such money can be earned while sitting on one's sofa? No, no and no again. HYIP is not such sphere. This is investing, reinvesting and watching the pulse of the process, or you lose everything!

This leads to the following. $1000 per month may be easily earned here, and are earned, be sure. But this is the same work as any other, and nobody can list the programs that won't be a scam in few days. This means that it is necessary to work…. or make your hands or head precious as the sum you want to get monthly.

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