Working with Ponzi Schemes. How to Make Money?

Updated: 05/12/2005 02:52
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working with ponzi schemes
Learn if it is possible to earn money working with Ponzi schemes. HYIPs as the most widely used form of a Ponzi scheme.
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"Ponzi" schemes are probably one of the most widespread forms of making a HYIP. High yield of such system is' provided for constant onflow and needs no extra efforts.

Hence, it's real to earn in such a system, if you are at the bottom of the pyramid if course. This kind of high yield programs is certainly a fraud, but it's the same “honest” as many other methods, besides it's absolutely real, as we said to make money, you just have to follow some rules.
We've already written about how to define ponzi schemes. You should pay attention to the interest offered by a program, what content is there on their site. Usually the interest is too high, and if a program is not a group of simple scammers, it will be paid out, that's for sure.

Besides you should pay attention to the way program plans look like and how they work – payouts can not follow one by one, and most likely they will offer longer period plans (i.e. weekly, monthly), the classical variant is successive funds calculation.

First you get the initial deposit, afterwards – your interests, which are nothing but the funds, invested by somebody, the next day after you did. And it really works for the time being. That's why let's make the first rule.

Invest as early as possible. It's probably the most difficult. You never know, when ponzi is going to shut down. Why do they shut down actually? YMMSS has been working for a long time and it doesn't prevent them from bringing income to people.

Ponzi shut down just because of lack of new members, and they don't have money to pay old ones. And people come to win the profit, so if the payouts are halted or there are any difficulties, don't even try to make money. You'd better stay away of these “businessmen”.

Good form is a program, having some “back-up” funds, i.e. money it has just in case. And if a program has this money, it may allow good site and advertising. Pay attention to these details. Concerning the terms, they can be based exclusively upon these factors.

Quite a normal working period of a ponzi is half a year. Reasoning from this one can define, how long has a program been alive “not long”, “too long”, and “long enough”.

Referrals. Ponzi offers extremely high referral commissions. Just huge. For example, 20%… two conclusions can be made. First, this is a real ponzi. You can try working, or you can skip it.

Second, you can get some part of money invested back from the referrals. But, we strongly recommend you not to refer your friends or relatives to such programs. It's fraught with big problems.

Compounding. Never set up automatic reinvestment, working with ponzi. The thing is that it's rather important for you to get your money back and if you wish, you may invest it back at a pinch. Though, setting up automatic “reinvestment”, you are not going to receive anything.

Speaking about virtual money, i.e. money placed on your “virtual” account, appearing, when registering to ponzi, you are just going to see some figures of some calculations, compounding option enabled, in such a way you will allow the administrators to transfer certain amounts without any liability!

Don't give it a way. Take your money back immediately, in case your account is a virtual one and never invest it back, if the payouts are completed to your e-gold account.

Gambling on ponzi, time is important. Invest – get the amount equal to principal amount and take your money as far as it is possible.
Then you will receive the payouts from other customers, and if you are lucky, you can even make good money here, and again, giving money back to get it back again – it's crazy, don't do it if you don't want to go broke.
And once again, pay attention to “virtual calculations”. If necessary, make withdrawals again and again, after every payout.

“Deposit length”. Pay attention to the way your money is paid out. I.e., how often, and what is the interest rate. If the payouts are on the hourly basis and there was somebody who received profit, that's the best variant. But if we are talking about 1% per hour. I.e. you should receive 100% of the payouts ASAP.

If the payouts are on the monthly basis, most likely first investors will receive them for sure. If the payouts are daily – the system is going to work for about a month and may stop. It is really important. Consider these moments, before taking final decision. And again, so many details are individual, but theoretically it's all the same, the main is - use your brains.

By the way, competent investors claim it makes no sense at all to request any IDs form a ponzi. As if they can be easily purchased cheap enough… just registering a company. On the other hand, investors' attracting, on the other – real registration and no liability. So, be careful. In this case ID is not all.

Well then, hope it will help you to make money.

Good luck.
You always think and look closer, what you do and where to invest.

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